On the big move

I was thinking the other day of how much I’ve changed. And how much things have changed since I started the old blog. Because things change – that’s how life goes. And with that, I figured I needed a new place for my thoughts.

The name of my blog comes from something that one of the groomsmen at my friend’s wedding said to me. I can’t help crying at a wedding. It’s something I do because I’m lame and touching moments make me cry. So as I’m walking arm in arm back down the aisle with this guy, he looks at me and says, ever so sweetly “Don’t cry, Muffin!” And since then, it’s been my go to response for myself. When I get upset, I tell myself that I shouldn’t cry. Muffins don’t cry.

And so this blog was born. I feel like I’m not so much of a failure that I must go on and on about it. don’t get me wrong – I still fail at half the things that I do, but now it’s not so dramatic. Or at least I don’t think it’s so dramatic.

Looking at where I was a year ago as opposed to now – it’s kind of shocking. So for that reason, I’m moving on.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 23:34:58

    Here here!


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