“You are frustratingly easy”

That is what my new manfriend (boyfriend? Boy I date? Dude I spend time with?) said to me on Saturday night when I said that I didn’t care if we stayed at the bar or went home.

Not because I wanted to be difficult…but because either option was fine with me. I didn’t care if we stayed or went because I was having so much fun with him (barf).

This new man – 21 – he’s so much easier to deal with than any guy that I’ve ever dated before. I have a habit that’s probably a bad one of comparing every guy I’ve dated to every guy before him. And this guy scores so much higher above the rest. I’ve had another habit of dating a guy that’s always slightly better than the one before him.

But this one blows the other one out of the water.

And interacting with 21 is the least stressful thing I’ve ever had to do. He doesn’t make me second guess, he doesn’t say one thing but mean another and he (generally) doesn’t make me have a freak out meltdown when I don’t hear from him. I know that he’s working or busy or something. I know he’s not ignoring me or being withholding.

It’s sort of crazy. It’s sad that something logical and normal is thrilling to me, but HONESTLY. Ex-boyfriend was MARRIED to AA. This is so much better than that.

Ex-Boyfriend has also chosen this moment to decide to be a jealous dick. Listen buddy – you had your chances. LAME.

But 21 is already talking about taking me to see Harry Potter (DOUBLE EXTRA WIN). He’s telling me that I’m always welcome at his home. He wants to take me places and do things – and speaks about what those things might be IN THE FUTURE. And he offered me his shower for after I’m done volunteering at the animal shelter instead of driving back to my house to drive back to his house. That simple act of inviting me into his life blows my mind. It’s so simple. It’s so logical. And yet it means that he’s more of a grown up than I am.

We don’t have to talk about that. He hasn’t realized it, so I’m not going to bring it up. But needless to say, any guy that is self-employed, owns his own house, is super manly about things and you know, can keep all his shit together has a million points up on me.

Bits and pieces of my life are starting to settle down and fall into place and that’s nice. I feel like for once I’m not running around like a crazy person with no idea what I’m doing. That’s not so much related to 21 as much as it’s because I’m ready to settle. Not with him, but just in general. Even if this relationship doesn’t last that long, it’s important. Every relationship I’ve been in has shown me something, but this one is showing me that I don’t have to date a former drunk emotionally dead A-Hole without a college education that is a total douche and doesn’t feel the need to be nice to me and is incapable of any sort of commitment to anyone (that’s a huge combo of just about every guy that I’ve ever dated right there. Not just one. If it was just one, I might cry). So I’m going to see where this goes…but I’m hopeful.


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