Reverb ’10 Day 6- Makin’ it

Today’s question wants to know what was the last thing I made. I can so smack this question and send it to bed.

Last night I made dinner for my mom and myself. The night before, I made dinner with 21. (Tangent: I am so stupid for this boy and I kind of love it. We didn’t even go out on Saturday night. We stayed in and made pizza and watched movies. It was so fabulously wonderful. He even helped me put wood in the furnace when he didn’t even have to) The night before that? I made dinner for myself. I’ve been cooking so much lately and it’s nice to do that again. When I first moved home, my life was so full of chaos that I didn’t even think of doing anything other than baking. Now that things have settled down, I’m back to making dinner.

I’ve also been knitting up a storm lately. Unlike last year when I was funemployed and I could knit all day long, I have to squeeze all my knitting in at night just to get projects completed. I made one of my brothers a blanket for Christmas and now I’m working on a blanket for my other brother. I’ve been knitting so much that my HANDS HURT. But I’m determined to get this blanket done in time for Christmas. There’s something about making a blanket for someone that I really enjoy. A hat or a scarf is one thing – those are kinda neat, but you know, people grow out of hats and lose scarves. But a blanket? It keeps you warm. You wrap yourself up in it. it’s far more intimate than a hat. And also bigger.

Other things I’ve made this past year:
– A giant fucking mess
– An ass of myself
– A scene
– A song and a dance routine
– Bruises (because I walk into stuff like all the time)
– An impression
– People smile
– A difference


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