So remember when I was all “hey, I’m going to stop treading water at work because things have evened out and I’m going to get ahead and HEY I had that discussion with my manager and now know what I think I want to do?”


Well, yesterday they informed us that starting Monday, half of our team is going to be on a new team that they just made up.  And the half of our team that is left does not include my manager or my manager’s manager.  Hell, I don’t even know if we HAVE a manager. 

But basically, my responsibilities – THE ONES I JUST GOT A HANDLE ON – are changing.  AGAIN.  AGAIN FOR THE 5TH TIME SINCE JULY.

So I’m a little annoyed.  and now this changes everything.  Like, the position that I think I wanted to work for is no longer in my grasp because they sort of put someone else in that position by creating this new team.  So it’s been taken away from me when I didn’t even really try. 

Now I’m back to the drawing board and back to trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing.


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