Exciting news on an otherwise boring Sunday

And this isn’t my news.  Just so everyone is on the same page.  If I was in this situation, I would not be so happy.  I would be kind of sad.

My cousin Heather came over today with her husband, Tony.  They don’t come over often.  Heather and Tony only live a few towns over, but they don’t usually go places together.  Which meant that something was up.

Heather told us that she is expecting (!!) and that she is due in August.  To say that my mom flipped her lid over this information would be an understatement.  My mom started shrieking and jumping and crying all at once.  Because there is nothing that my mom wants more than a baby in her life.  Not her own, but someone else’s.

And now Heather has done me the biggest favor by taking the heat off of me.  My mom is DYING for me to get engaged or married or have a baby.  None of those things are going to be happening anytime soon.  But since HEATHER, the golden child, is going to have a baby, we’re all off the hook.

I’m really glad for her.  She’s going to be a great mom and I know that this baby will be super loved.  And I can’t lie, I’m so excited because someone that I’m close to is having a baby.  I know plenty of girls from high school (that I’m not close to) and some family friends that are having babies, but no one that I’ve spent so much time with.  She’s at the right point in her life to have a baby.  So I can live through her and her experiences.

Plus, now I can kind of live my life outside of my mom’s spotlight because I’m not having a baby.  Much to her dismay.  My mom likes to remind me that when she was my age, she was married.  And when she was 27, she had me.  Of course, since I’m 26 25.2 and not even engaged, I’m very far behind.  Which is another thing she likes to tell me.  I’m stuck in some sort of race in my mom’s head.  I’m losing this race.

I’m not in any hurry to get married.  From time to time, I think that I would really like to settle down soon, and then I remember that I have hard time making choices.  And choosing who you are going to marry?  that’s not something to be taken lightly.

So for the next 7 months, we all can go about our lives because we’re not having a baby and Heather can be the main focus.

I can never thank her enough for that…


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