Odds and ends and this and that

I don’t have enough of anything to have a whole blog post about something important – I might as well have a whole blog post about things.
-As if things at work weren’t FUN ENOUGH ALREADY, one of the girls in my department is leaving. Normally, this would just be a bit of a bummer, but she’s really what holds the department together. So we’re all sort of freaking out over here. Which is just how to spend the week after you return from vacation.
-Speaking of vacation – it was awesome. Granted, I started my vacation in tears, but once I got to NOLA, I was feeling better. At least emotionally so. Then I came down with what I think was a sinus infection. Thankfully for me, I got a prescription for antibiotics before I left. Once I started feeling really bad, I started those up and felt better right away. Of course, drinking and staying out late do not help anyone get better. Since I’m lazy, I did not upload pictures. My dear friend Karen did. So check her out for more stuff.
-Sorting through my work emails is taking me forever. Maybe because I’m just not into this. I’m not back into working yet. Still dreaming of being on a beach somewhere. Or at least on a freakin’ cruise ship, drinking a fruity drink and reading.
-My parents have decided to start looking for a new dog. Our dog (Jack) has been so lonely since Jake is gone. He cries at night and finds Jake’s things and drags them to his bed. But of course, there are all these rules about adopting a dog. For instance, my dad does not want a yellow lab because they are “the stupid ones”. My mom doesn’t want a pitbull or any dog with pitbull in it. I don’t agree with any of these statements. I just stay out of it. And when they get ridiculous, I just tell them to stop it.
-All I did last week when I was on vacation was eat. So now I’m back to the grind and realizing…I cannot keep eating. It’s sort of a bummer to realize that.
-Going away for a long weekend next weekend! And yes, I just got back from vacation, but I decided I needed another one. So 21 and I are going on a trip to my family’s house in Vermont. This is the first time that 21 and I are going away together and the first time I’m bringing a boy to the house in Vermont. I’m going to meet up with one of my friends while we’re in Vermont and I’m excited for that. I haven’t seen Tessa since Cashelle’s wedding back in September. And this vacation will be different from my last one, since I really don’t have to go anywhere. We can just go to the house and operate on our own time table, which should be so much more fun than having to work around other people. I really hope 21 enjoys the house…and I really hope a long weekend together doesn’t make us want to murder each other. Although we haven’t wanted to murder each other yet. I haven’t even wanted to really give him a shove. Which says a lot. Because there are many people that I want to shove.
-This weekend is the Special Olympics for my brother. I should be driving up to see him compete on Sunday. He does the speed skating event. Not that he goes fast, but he tries hard. My whole family goes to cheer him on and he loves it. And all the volunteers love Jamie because he’s actually very funny and silly. It should be a good time – and the first time my whole family has been together in weeks. Not that I have a problem with that.
-I realized when I got back from vacation that I have about 4,589 things to do and absolutely no drive to do them. And none of them are really important things. It’s all stuff like exchanging my Canadian dollars into US dollars or getting my ring resized or bringing my change to the bank to get actual dollars and going to the dry cleaners. But I’ve been putting off this stuff as long as I can. I don’t know why either – it’s not like any of those things are hard. I just don’t want to have money or a properly fitting ring, I guess. SARAH. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.
– Just finished watching the first season of Glee. I wish I could just burst into song whenever I felt like it. I bet I would be in a generally better mood if I could just belt out Proud Mary loudly at my desk when I was feeling like it.
– In a related note, whenever 21 gets out of bed in the morning, he starts singing. Not singing well or singing anything in particular – he just sings. Loudly. So I better be awake when he gets up, otherwise that’s how he wakes me up. It’s weird and sometimes I want to be like “DON’T YOU SEE I HAVE A HANGOVER OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” but I found myself really missing that over vacation. I really missed that nonsense. I suppose it is like really missing my family. As soon as I’m back, I realize that I’m all good.


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