March Reverb Prompt

Even though reverb ’10 is over, they are still sending out prompts. And March’s prompt is “if March 2011 was your last month to live, how would you live it?”

I was thinking about this while I was in line at starbucks this morning (hi, pretentious!). and there are just so many things…you know? If I knew I only had the next 31 days (well, less than that now) to be alive, I would kick things up a notch. I would…
– Travel. Go where I needed to go. Visit the places I’ve never been
– Get more tattoos.
– Sexy times. I would have them. Lots of them.
– Quit my job. Leave Connecticut.
– SPEND BABY. I would buy all the things. Yes, I can’t take them with me, but you know what? I might as well be fabulous before I go.
– Fancy dinners in fancy places
– Tell everyone how much I loved them. Tell all my friends what they mean to me. Also, I would call up my exboyfriend’s wife and tell her exactly what sort of nonsense he gets into when she’s not around. Yes, that’s bitchy and mean, but she needs to hear it. And it’s not like I would be around for the fallout on that one.
– Tell 21 what he means to me. We haven’t gotten there yet – but if I had a month, I would tell him.
– Not worry about what I weigh and eat everything I’ve been dying to eat. Live my life with bread and cheese and chocolate and booze
– Leave whatever I had to my brother. He needs it more than I do.
– Live. Live hard and out loud. Don’t stop myself from saying what i want to say. Say what I need to say – because I wouldn’t have another chance.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. cat
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 09:37:04

    Great plan, rather similar to mine! Pity this actually can’t happen, and living a full life is, for most part, incompatible with providing for the future. 😉


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