Weekend away

I know I just got back from vacation more or less…but I decided it was time for another weekend away. So 21 and I packed up my car and headed off to the house in Vermont.

I’m extremely lucky that my family is huge and insane and therefore owns this house in Vermont. The house is great – 4 bedrooms, a loft, 2 bathrooms, a giant wrap-around porch and enough entertainment to last for days. I had been talking about going for months now, but 21 and I finally nailed down a date that worked for both of us. I know 21 has been beyond stressed out at work, so I figured a weekend away from all of that would be good for him.

Besides, there’s no internet access at the house, so he couldn’t have worked if he wanted to. Also, I would have yelled at him if he did.

So instead we had an epic game-off of weekend proportions: Trouble, Bananagrams, Up-Words, Sorry (but not good Sorry, some weirdo bastardized version), Go Fish, War, Old Maid, Apples to Apples and some weirdo game called Zobmondo.

(Zobmondo related aside: This game gives you two really terrible options and then asks you to pick which one is not quite as terrible. Then everyone else that is playing has to figure out which answer you chose. One of the questions was: On a first date, would you rather take a giant poo in your date’s toilet and have it not flush OR vomit in your date’s new car? The girls all have gone with vomit. The boys went with the poo option. Because of course they did)

We left on Thursday night. It was raining – but not hard. I was a little concerned that the rain would pick up and I would have a meltdown about driving. But the rain was fine and we made pretty good time all the way up there.

We stopped in Lake George to get some beer before getting to the house. What good would a roaring fire be without some cold beers to enjoy with it?


We had our beer, made our way to the house…and I’ve never been so excited to get someplace as I was when we got to the house. It was so great to be there, to be able to relax and realize that if someone needed me to do something for them…they would have to wait until Sunday.

Otherwise, the weekend was filled with doing nothing. We went to a local place for breakfast on Friday morning and drove around the little towns surrounding the house. We read books. We waited for a friend from college and her man to come and visit us. We went to the store, grilled pizzas and drank more beer. We were in our pajamas until about 3 PM on Saturday afternoon. We went out to dinner and then came home and watched Saturday Night Live. We talked. We laughed. We drank.

It was one of the most relaxing weekends that I’ve had in god knows how long. I didn’t have to be anywhere or answer to anyone. Plus, 21 was there.

It was a big weekend for us because it was the longest amount of time that we’ve ever spent with each other. We were together non-stop from Thursday at 7 PM until Sunday 7 PM. I never wanted to push him in front of a moving train either.

Actually, I think I like him more now. That really says a lot about my feelings for him. I knew that if I wanted him to stop breathing on Sunday that our relationship wouldn’t work. But now it’s Monday and I’m still wishing we were in Vermont.

We’re getting comfortable with each other. We say more and more ridiculous things. I’m starting to stop even questioning things about him because I trust him. I know this can come back and bite me. But so far – so far, it’s nothing but goodness. I’m nothing but crazy for him and he’s nothing but wonderful to me.


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