On Second Dates

Last night, I went out with Gilmore again. We’ve been emailing each other a lot ever since our last date, which was before Easter. All his emails really bring me joy and I like receiving them. So we decided HEY LET’S DO THIS AGAIN.

As I was driving to meet him in Stamford, I started tweaking out in the car. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know why I agreed to go out with this boy again. I don’t feel like myself. I had a serious case of assface, I feel all squishy and gross and I’m just – I’m not who I was even 6 months ago. I freaked. I was driving and shouting at myself and freaking. I’m sure that was quite the sight. But I did it. I went on the date. I almost had to turn around and go home because I seriously had no idea what I was doing.

We met at the restaurant at 7. I got home at almost 1 AM. The entire night flew by. We were talking and drinking beers and having dinner and the next thing we knew, they were closing the place down around us. We were the last people there. He walked me back to my car and then we were talking in the parking garage for another hour and a half.

When you go out with someone and you have no idea where the time goes because you’re just having so much fun – that’s a date to remember. When things are easy and simple? That’s wonderful.

And then there’s that other part that’s warning me not to do this again. The part that’s telling me it’s too soon, it’s not right, it’s no good. There’s no basis for any of those claims. They just came in with the doubt that I would be able to find someone that I liked again. So those thoughts will hang out until I can make them disappear or something happens to prove them to be true.

I really hope not though. I hope the goodness continues.

We’ve already made plans for the next date. We’re facebook friends now. His facebook status from last night? “The good news? I like this one, and I think this one likes back.”

Yeah. I do.


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