On being and watching Bridesmaids

Warning – if you haven’t seen Bridesmaids, don’t read this post.  I don’t think that I spoil anything, but maybe I do.  It’s hard to say.

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet?  Really?  Can you go out and watch it and come back and then we’ll talk.  I’ll wait.

Okay good.  So now you’ve seen it. If you’ve ever been in a bridal party with some girl that you just wanted to punch in the teeth at every moment, then I’m sure you really liked this movie.  I really liked this movie because I was in a similar situation and it’s only by MAGIC that she still has all her teeth.  I mean really.  That bitch was cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Sorry, got  a little off topic.  Focus.  Okay.  So the reason I liked this movie so much,  aside from the fact that Erin from The Office and Clemmy from Reno! 911 were in it was because of the way that the characters talked with each other.  When Annie and Lillian are in the coffee shop after Annie hooks up with John Hamm?  Lillian keeps on telling Annie that every time she hooks up with him, she comes home feeling like shit.  I’ve had that conversation.  I’ve had that exact conversation where you’re in denial.  You’re sleeping with someone because HELLO YOU LIKE IT, but whenever you come home, you cry because the guy you’re sleeping with is treating you like crap.   They don’t want to put a label on it and call you their girlfriend because they are a jerks.  And of course, they think they are awesome and have “dibs” on you whenever they feel like and then get alllllllllll bent out of shape when you go out with someone else, but it’s not like you are their GIRLFRIEND and that’s was kind of what was discussed YOU IDIOT…sorry, off topic again.

I hope this movie paves the way for more movies where adult women talk to their friends like real women do.  I’m serious.  How refreshing was it to hear smart, funny women talk to each other in a smart (maybe) funny way?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in 2 weddings this year – one that will be flat out awesome in July and one that is shaping up to be not so awesome in September.  Watching Bridesmaids reminded me that I can find fun in a crap wedding if I have to.  It reminded me of laughing so hard that I almost peed myself while getting my hair done for my cousin’s wedding.  I thought of the work we did preparing for Cashelle’s wedding and having fun doing it.

I need to keep on saying to myself that weddings – however crappy they might be shaping up to be – still have some fun parts in them.  And if it comes down to it?  At least I know all the things that I’m NEVER EVER going to do when I get married.


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