Wine and Love – week 6

Thanks Nora!

Things that are making me drink perhaps a little more..

–          Bitches at work.  Well, one specifically that doesn’t like that my job responsibilities have changed and constantly says “OH MY GOD, are you just, like, not all at busy today?”  No, I am busy.  I just don’t run around screaming like you.

–          The amount of things I’m doing this summer.  Not because I don’t want to do them – there are just so many of them

–          Dreading Monday.  That’s a post for another day.  Perhaps Tuesday.   Maybe

–          That terrible wedding that keeps on getting more terrible by the moment UGH WHAT THE HELL

–          When it’s just a little too hot out and you’re all sticky and nothing you do makes you cool off

–          Sweating once you get out of the shower because it’s so hot.  FAIL

Things that I just love…

–          Duke behaving like a proper little animal

–          Maybe not so much running around this weekend?

–          Making birthday hats for boys that are going to make you pancakes – even though it’s their birthday

–          Beer filled dance parties in the backyard with friends

–          Driving with my windows down, listening to Zac Brown on a warm spring evening

–          Watching things grow and change and turn into something wonderful

–          The summer of LIVIN’

–          Birthday parties for people I like


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