Wine and Love, week 8

Thanks Nora for hosting this every week….

Things that make me take another swig…

–  Rain screwing up my plans for the night.  LAME

–  Dresses being shipped from England

–  Not wanting to get out of bed at all this week

– Douches at the bar last night that were screaming and being gross and just made me hate humanity

Things that I just love….

–  Love.  The idea of love.  People that are IN love

–  Getting floor seats to Incubus – yes please and thank you

–  Making some seriously excellent cookies

–  Weekend with Alfred girls that was filled with booze, laughs, love and good times

–  A weekend with basically nothing planned, except spending time with people I like and sitting on the beach

– Nights out with friends where they meet Gilmore – and then like him

– Good coffee to get me going on mornings that I really don’t want to


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