Wine and Love, week 9

Nora hosts Wine and Love every week.  Won’t you play along?

Things that make me want to just buy a case of wine…

Cancer.  The big C.  It’s making everyone in my family a little tense (with good reason) and it’s making me have a hard time relating to my dad.

– Time moving SO SLOWLY right now

– Sunburn that is peeling.  BOOO

– Not finding enough time to do the things I need to do

– No college friends this weekend, and thus, the breakup of an awesome picnic.  Sorry kids.

– July.  THE FACT THAT IT IS JULY.  How did that happen?

Things that make me love…

– Getting out at 3 today – bonus!

– No work on Monday – double bonus!

– Getting a pedicure.

– Wedding this weekend with Gilmore.

– Anytime I see Gilmore, my heart gets all aflutter

– Having his friends tell me they like me and how much he likes me.  BARF

– Sunshine every day.

– The badass blueberry muffins I made last night.  Hello yes please and thank you

– The summer of LIVIN’ continues.



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