Wine and Love, week 10

Nora hosts Wine and Love every week, where we talk about things that make us all need some more wine and things that make us love…

Reasons why I need some more wine…

– Failure to get back into the swing of things at work

– Being far too distracted today to get anything done.

– Stupid Coworker continuing to be an idiot.  All the time.  Everyday

– Time moving so fast.  Like, how is it August?  HOW?

Things that I’m still loving…

– Still feeling good off of the post wedding happy times from last Saturday

– Having friends tell me how ridiculously happy I look in all the wedding pictures

– My cousin’s baby – DUE ANY MINUTE

– Cape Cod vacation soon

– My dad getting an earlier appointment with the surgeon.  Maybe we’ll have an idea of what’s going on by the end of today

– People in love.  Feeling the love all the time.


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