Ten on Tuesday – Day Late edition

1. What do you do for a living?
I work for a marketing company.

2. What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Errr…that I have one?  No, I do work with some nice, smart people and I like that.  Also, I get to talk to many different sorts of people during the day and that’s at least entertaining.

3. What’s your least favorite thing about your job?
When someone creates their own problem and then whines to me about it.  Or anything having to do with the Canadians.  (Sorry other Canadians)

4. If you weren’t a ____________, what would you be?
I would totally be some sort of chef or a baker or something.  I could go back to school and do that, I suppose.  Or I’d love to be on the radio again.  That was so much fun.

5. What is something that you would love to get paid for that you think no one would ever pay you for?
Trying out recipes from the internet.  That’s legit, right?

6. If you could have any job for exactly one day, what would it be?
I’d be on one of the big radio morning shows.  At least I would be amused, right?

7. If you had to do manual labor, what would you do?
I’ve worked with my dad before – raking and blowing leaves, shoveling snow, stacking wood.  That is HARD work.

8. What is something you were forced to learn in high school that was supposed to be super important, but you never actually use?
Math.  Anything having to do with math.

9. Who was your favorite boss?  Why?
My current manager (that I view as my boss, really) is super nice.  She’s smart and funny and always helpful.  And sometimes she doesn’t even know things, which makes me feel like less of an idiot.

10. Where would you rather work: Dunder Mifflin Paper Company (The Office), Wernham Hogg Paper Company (The Office, UK), or Initech (Office Space)?
Dunder Mifflin.  It reminds me of my old office at times.  I worked with some zany people and we would just do weird things.  But there was never a Jim Halpert where I worked.  BUMMER


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