Wine and Love, week 14

It’s Thursday.  It’s Wine and Love time with Nora.

Things that make me want to buy a case…

– Horrible wedding is next week.  How has time taken this long?

– Feeling ick lately

– Realizing that it’s already halfway through September.  Time is moving too fast!

– Feeling behind on everything I do.

– Taking the puppy to dog training and having him make me look like an ass when he refused to walk on the leash and then started howling and made all the other dogs howl.  I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT I HATE YOU


Things that I just love…

– My dad being out of surgery.  They think they removed everything, but they are unsure and are going to do more tests.  But he’s okay.

– My family, that is so supportive of my dad.  They might be nuts, but they are mine.


–  Seeing a lot of my friends as of late

– Feeling so good since I broke up with Gilmore.  I didn’t realize how much that was weighing me down

– The idea of moving.  Painting.  decorating.


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