A quick catch up

You guys. LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY. Like really. it’s November and WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? So let me try to sum everything up maybe.

– I got my fall swap package from Kelly Michele! And it was lovely! A cute little scarecrow (he’s sitting on my desk), some wonderful lotion and lip balm, plus a book and a mug with some tea for a day of reading. Thank you again Kelly – I meant to this weeks ago and I just forgot. Like a failure.
– I went to Dallas. And then came back from Dallas. And Dallas…is a good time. I was exhausted from working long hours when I was there, but at least I was amused. I would probably go back to Dallas, as long as I had something to do. that isn’t working, that is.
– They removed all of my dad’s cancerous cells! So he just needs to have a radioactive iodine treatment and we’re done. That’s it. THAT IS ALL. Which is wonderful news.
– The little Nugget? Have I mentioned that he’s the cutest baby in all of the universe? Because he is. and I love him.
– We were hit with a freak October snow storm this weekend, as you might have heard. We had 7 ½ inches of snow at my house. The power went out late Saturday night and has yet to return. We’re lucky that we have the generator, but we try not to run it around the clock. So I end up going home and turning it off during the afternoon. But it’s been cold at night and it’s boring when you have nothing to do and everyone has to stay in the same room. I can’t complain too much. Everyone and everything is okay. No one was hurt, everyone is warm and we’re all safe. This is the second major power outage in 3 months. Crazy, right?
– Stuff at work has been…not good. My boss does this thing now where she likes to throw each of us, in turn, under the bus during our conference calls. She makes all of us look like asses. Normally she doesn’t have a clue of what we do in our day to day life, but sometimes she decides she should. So The Beast (as I have taken to calling her) was on my call on Monday and make me look like an idiot. It was great. I don’t like having to deal with her. Because no matter what you say to her, you’re wrong. No matter what you do, you’re wrong. No one will say anything because they are afraid of her. She’s really an unholy terror. But I have a job and I can’t complain there. Other than The Beast, things here are good.
– Not having power has really thrown me off. My whole days are upside down when I can’t follow my normal waking up routine. I can’t watch the news in the morning or at night, so I don’t have a clue of what’s going on in the world really. That’s no good. and I’ve been sleeping really badly, which normally doesn’t happen to me.
– I’ve become entangled in this flirtation with a friend’s brother. He’s a nice guy and always been a little flirty, but this weekend he really was like “HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”. We’ve been emailing each other back and forth all week. And I’m waiting for him to ask me to do something, but we’re not there yet, apparently. We’ll see what happens. It could just be a fun flirtation for the sake of being a fun flirtation.
– Also? I went to a party on Friday night and I didn’t get home until almost 3 AM. 3 AM GUYS. DO YOU KNOW HOW LATE THAT IS FOR ME? That’s a major milestone.
– Going to Atlanta for New Years! Can’t wait to see my lovelies down there. I bought my tickets last week – so here’s hoping everything goes as planned. Last New Years was pretty awesome. I can’t lie. We’ll see how this one goes.


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