Reverb ’11 Day 6 – Sometimes I do things that aren’t good things to do

List 10 things you would never do.

I took this two ways – things I just wouldn’t do and things I won’t do again.  EVER.

  1. ..ignore my gut instinct.  It tells me things.  It told me I should have broken up with Gilmore sooner than I did.  It told me that 21 was going to end our relationship when he did.  It’s usually right on target.  I might not like what it has to say, but I can’t say that it’s ever steered me wrong.
  2. ….Deny that Jamie is my brother.  I love him, even though he makes me crazy.  Sometimes I forget that he’s my brother.  My annoyance with him has to do with the fact he’s my brother – nothing else.  Jamie is so super important to me – and anyone else that’s important to me knows that.
  3. …Date a smoker again.  Ick.  That taste in their mouth?  The fact that they always have to jet outside to smoke?  NO THANKS
  4. …Let a guy determine my worth to myself and to others.  I’m done with letting guys stomp all over me because they can.  My patience for shitasses has decreased to nothing. If you’re going to be a dick, you can be a dick by yourself.  I really don’t care
  5. …Stop being myself for one second.  I’m awesome.  Y’all can suck it
  6. …Be able to wear heels all day long.  I’m sorry, I can’t.  I trip too much.
  7. …not say what I think when it matters.  Because when it matters, that’s when it needs to be said.  Sure, it might hurt some people at that moment.  But it’s worse to keep it all inside and not tell anyone
  8. …forget who my real friends are.  The ones I can call and bitch to about anything.  the ones that come when I have issues.  The ones that I can buy presents for easily because I know them SO WELL.  The ones that I laugh and cry with.  The ones that will be there for me and me for them whenever I need it
  9. …change my family.  Much like Jamie, they are crazy and they make me insane.  But they also made me who I am.  If my dad wasn’t one of eight kids, I wouldn’t have the huge drive for attention that I do now.  Family events would be very quiet.  But because I have everyone?  Well..that’s how you end up with me.  Shouty, drinking too much, heckling, nonsense spewing, me.  Sorry guys
  10. …not read the recipe all the way through before I make it.  because they don’t always tell you what you need to do in the beginning.  So you really need to read that shit, yo.

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