Reverb Broads ’11 Day 9 – If reading was a sport, I’d be a pro

Day 9 – What was your favorite children’s book?

You know those super nerdy kids that just read all the time?  And they wear glasses and aren’t into sports and therefore don’t have a lot of friends?  And these girls are usually the horse girls, you know?

That, my friends, was me.  I was just that cool.  I wasn’t athletic and I wasn’t coordinated and I wore glasses.  And I read ALL THE TIME.  Like, wouldn’t be able to leave my house without a book in my hand.  To this day, I’m unable to go to a doctor’s appointment without bringing a book.  What am I going to do in the waiting room?  Look at other people?  HELL NO.  I’m going to be absorbed in my book and ignore everyone.  DUH.

That being said – children’s books are some of my favorite books EVER.  I used to work in the children’s department when I worked at a book store.  Now that I have Nugget to buy books for, I can barely contain myself.  YOU GUYS.  ALL THE BOOKS.

My favorite author from when I was but a wee child is Roald Dahl.  The Witches?  Matilda?  Boy?  All of those books stand out in my mind as just being the best of the best.  I can still remember parts of Boy – his growing up and stealing candy from the shop, the fear of swallowing toothbrush bristles, the car accident he was in…they are still very vividly in my mind.  I also remember my third grade teacher reading us a chapter of The Witches a day.  It was my favorite part of the day.

I think now I might go and revisit these stories.  I realized right after I read To Kill A Mockingbird again that after reading it as an adult, I appreciated it much more.  Maybe because I was reading it on my own terms and no one was forcing me to like it?

No matter what reason I’m reading something, the fact is that I love reading.  I need to read before I go to bed in order to fall asleep.  I always have something on hold at the library.  And if that makes me a big ‘ol nerd?  Then so be it


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  1. Stephanie Janucik
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 04:58:20

    OH MY WORD, THE WITCHES! Totally forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to go revisit that one too.


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