Reverb ’11 day 11 – Being like my mom

How are you like your mother? And if you’re a mother, how is/are your kid(s) like you?

Here’s the thing about my mom – sometimes I can’t stand her.  Sometimes I just want her to go away.  Because she doesn’t understand me at times.  She’s frustrating and persistent and just…gets on my nerves.

But I know those things are what makes her a great mom.

My mom and I are both crafty.  We both like to cook and bake – although I do it better because I’m not trying to do 4,589 things at the same time.  Also, I believe in timers – which blows her mind, I think.  My mom is surprisingly good at buying clothes for me for my birthday or christmas – and who would think that?  I know some moms are really out of touch, but my mom is always right on the money – because she knows what I like.  We both have a sense of right and wrong and will very loudly proclaim when things are wrong.  We’re both very emotional.

But we differ a lot – because I’m tall and she’s short.  And I’m funny and she’s not.  She’s good with working with people and I’m not.

And when I don’t want to strangle her…she’s a pretty good mom.


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