Friday Confessions – to make up for a lack of posting otherwise


I used to post things.  Do you remember that?  Because I did.  Since I really don’t have a lot to say…let’s come out with some confessions….

1. Last year it snowed..a lot.  Like, all the time.  This year it hasn’t really snowed at all.  This makes me very very sad

2. I’ve been working out hardcore with one of the girls at work after work almost every day.  It’s sort of like seeing a trainer, but so much cheaper.  I haven’t noticed a difference in myself yet, but maybe soon?

3. I’m the new lead volunteer at the shelter on Saturdays.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that.  But now I’m in charge.  So everyone better watch out.

4. One of the girls I work with makes me murderously angry.  She’s just…dumb.  And she plays it up to flirt with ALL THE MEN in the office.  It makes us all insane.  Stop flirting.  Do your goddamn work.

5. We’re still waiting on the short sale.  And by me, I mean my friend.  I really think moving out is going to make a difference in my life.  I just feel so…off being at home.  It’s not my idea of a good time.

6. I got this idea from Pinterest (DEADLY) to make conversation heart cheesecakes – meaning heart shaped cheesecakes that you dye different colors and write little conversation hearts phrases on top.  Now I’m on the hunt for the molds.  And then EVERYONE WILL HAVE THEM.  Or only 11 other people will have them.

7. I cannot stay up late anymore.  I keep on trying to watch Justified…and instead I fall asleep on the couch

8. I love broccoli rabe.  It can do no wrong in my life

9. Not sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day this year.  I mean, last year was great and this year just…isn’t

10. I joined meetup and went to a meetup last Saturday night.  It was…something.  There was a woman that puked all over her plate and then handed it to the waitress.  She then cried to her husband (while still being at the table) and freaked out.  Then the bill came and she got mad that there was an 18% tip added.  Lady, you barfed on a plate.  You owe more than that.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mamarazzi
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 05:45:15

    oh wow. barf on a plate…18% at the VERY least!!

    thanks for linking up your confessions…really good stuff! i hope you continue to join in each week, that would be RAD!


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