Wine and Love – when was the last time I did this?

It’s time for Wine and Love for the week.  I don’t know how much I have of either, but let’s give it a shot.


Reasons to take another swig…

  • My back being all jacked up for the better part of two weeks.  It hurts to sit or stand or lay down.  I’ve got shooting pains down my leg. i woke up and my foot was numb.  So that’s just super super super fun.  Let’s see what the doctor has to say about what’s going on.  
  • Crazy busy work week.  Can’t wait for it to be over
  • Coworkers being bitchy.  Let’s all just play nice.
  • My mom having an explosive meltdown on Saturday night where she just screamed her head off.
  • Remember when winter was winter?  It’s not winter here anymore

Things that make me love…

  • Halfway on Friday – wahoo!
  • Trip to Chicago in May for a friend’s wedding
  • Almost being lunch time (it’s the little things)
  • Finally having a good night’s rest (thanks to muscle relaxers)
  • Damn It Doodie being incredibly cute by just existing
  • Sweet cards from good friends



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