Wine and Love, Starting again

Wine and Love

Thanks to Suki for hosting.  And really, it’s time to get blogging again

Stuff that needs some wine…

– First week at my job where I’m the only person in my department.  And although we’re getting a new person, she’s “not that good with computers”, so she’s mostly useless.  WONDERFUL

– Not being able to curb my habit of eating ALL THE THINGS.  honestly self.  please stop.

– Feeling overwhelmed for no reason

– Not sleeping well

– A rather pathetic looking resume

– My grandma being diagnosed with lymphoma.  Ugh.

– Wakes.  not fun.

Stuff that fills my heart up with love…

– A job opportunity.  But not just any job opportunity.  A job opportunity to do what I would love to do at a company i would love to work for.  And freaking out about it.

– Summer finally being here.  HELLO SUNSHINE

– the idea of moving.  The idea of painting.  The idea of getting out and starting new

– Date on saturday night.  With a boy that is into me.  (Additional wine – feeling like I’m skipping down the same path that I have been down before and wondering if I’m an idiot for doing this again)

– Puppies at the animal shelter

– Realizing that I’m starting to be in a place where I can do whatever whenever.  And feeling so alive.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. suki
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 23:29:17

    Hooray for participating this week and blogging more! Sorry to hear about your grandmother. sending good thoughts to you and your family.


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