On Monday, my cousin gave birth to the cutest little baby I’ve ever seen, Alec Nicholas.  I’m not just saying that because he’s related to me.  I’m saying that because OMG CUTE BABY.

It’s kind of weird to have a baby in the family.  It’s been so long since anyone on either side had a baby.  My youngest cousin is now 8 years old.  When he was born, I was kind of distracted by other things (specifically my grandpa dying of cancer) so I really didn’t care much about him.  Also I was 19 and could have cared less about babies.

Now I’m 26 and a lot of people I know are having babies.  It’s that time in people’s lives.  I do not want this for myself – but I’m fine with it for others.  So now that the Nugget (as I call him) has hit the scene, there’s at least a baby for me to adore and then hand back to his parents.

I guess it’s just weird too because I grew up with my cousin.  We’ve always been close.  It’s weird to think that the girl that I used to play dress up with now has a little person to take care of.   It means that she’s really an adult, as opposed to being half of one before.  She’s got a family of her own now.  And that’s…strange.

But babies?  With their tiny shoes and tiny onesies and OMG CHILDREN’S BOOKS?  Fabulous.  Babies wearing belts on pants, even though they don’t walk?  I LOVE IT.  I go from being angry and cynical to being a pile of love whenever I see a baby.  I realized why the other day.  Babies have no idea of the bad in the universe.  Everything to them is shiny happy good times.  They don’t know that people are mean and hateful and awful to each other.  They eat, sleep and poop.  That’s all they do.  They love it.  They love it without even knowing there’s so much more to the world.

Welcome to the universe, Alec Nicholas.  My little Nugget.  You’re going to be shown the best of the best.  And we’re all so glad that you’re here.