Wine and Love – AGAIN


Time for Wine and Love.  Time to blog again!



– Having a cold.  It seriously just hit me this morning.  Boo

– Work being crazy nonsense

– WTF is going on with the weather?  It’s warm, it’s cold, it’s humid, it’s not.

– Family drama.  Lots of it.  SAVE IT



– Grandma is done with chemo!  Grandma got her PICC line out!

– Pumpkin spice coffee

– Manfriend, being awesome all the time every day

– Being madly, overwhelmingly, super awesomely in love. All the time.  Every day

– FALL IS HERE (almost)

– Atlanta in a week!




Wine and Love, Starting again

Wine and Love

Thanks to Suki for hosting.  And really, it’s time to get blogging again

Stuff that needs some wine…

– First week at my job where I’m the only person in my department.  And although we’re getting a new person, she’s “not that good with computers”, so she’s mostly useless.  WONDERFUL

– Not being able to curb my habit of eating ALL THE THINGS.  honestly self.  please stop.

– Feeling overwhelmed for no reason

– Not sleeping well

– A rather pathetic looking resume

– My grandma being diagnosed with lymphoma.  Ugh.

– Wakes.  not fun.

Stuff that fills my heart up with love…

– A job opportunity.  But not just any job opportunity.  A job opportunity to do what I would love to do at a company i would love to work for.  And freaking out about it.

– Summer finally being here.  HELLO SUNSHINE

– the idea of moving.  The idea of painting.  The idea of getting out and starting new

– Date on saturday night.  With a boy that is into me.  (Additional wine – feeling like I’m skipping down the same path that I have been down before and wondering if I’m an idiot for doing this again)

– Puppies at the animal shelter

– Realizing that I’m starting to be in a place where I can do whatever whenever.  And feeling so alive.


Wine and Love – again

There was a time, back when I blogged often, that I would do Wine and Love every week.  Let’s get back to that time.  Thanks to Suki for hosting…

Things that make me take another drink…

  • Realizing that i probably paid too much for my plane ticket to Atlanta. Ugh.
  • After having my surgery and about a month of PT, I still am having some issues getting back into the swing of things.  My back hurts and it’s upsetting.  WHY must you be that way?
  • I’ve been the only person in my department since yesterday.  my other coworker doesn’t come back until Monday.  This is…not good
  • Sickness.  All around.  Everyone needs to stop
  • Sleepy.  So sleepy
  • Feeling totally overwhelmed with life, but not having anything to really point out as the problem
  • Everyone and their mother (HA) getting pregnant.  What is THAT about?


Things that make me love…

  • Getting to see old friends in Chicago this past weekend
  • Eating my way through Chicago
  • Another wedding next weekend.  MORE LOVE!
  • Sunshine.  summer time.
  • Remembering that everything can’t go my way all the time.  Instead, trying to find the little things that bring me joy.

Wine and Love – It’s a hot one edition

Time for Wine and love, hosted by Nora

Things that make me want to take another swig…

– Ongoing issues with my back.  My foot is numb.  Still.  The steroids I was on helped the pain in my back go away.

– I have an MRI for my back tonight.  I know they aren’t scary and they don’t hurt…I just…don’t want to do it.

– I also have a dentist appointment tonight.  I’m lucky that I don’t have any issues with my teeth.  I still dislike going to the dentist.  When he starts cleaning my teeth, my entire body goes rigid.  DO NOT LIKE.

– Thinking yesterday was Thursday when it really was Wednesday.

– Not having enough time in the week to get things done.  I am going to a bridal shower on Sunday and we still haven’t completed the present.  WHOOPS.

– The catty bitches at work, being, well…the catty bitches at work.

– Going from working out 4 times a week to basically nothing until my back heals.  Ugh.


Things that make me love….

– It’s a beautiful day outside.  And I plan on going outside for lunch.

– It’s Thursday!

– My back doesn’t pain me as much as it did.  And that’s a great improvement.

– Overnight in MA this weekend.  It’s only a short little getaway, but it’s enough.

– Having my trip to Chicago with my lovely friend Karen booked!  Both the flight AND the hotel.  We’ll have a blast.

– Having an excellent dinner last night, thanks to restaurant week.

– Finding joy in the small things as of late.

Wine and Love – when was the last time I did this?

It’s time for Wine and Love for the week.  I don’t know how much I have of either, but let’s give it a shot.


Reasons to take another swig…

  • My back being all jacked up for the better part of two weeks.  It hurts to sit or stand or lay down.  I’ve got shooting pains down my leg. i woke up and my foot was numb.  So that’s just super super super fun.  Let’s see what the doctor has to say about what’s going on.  
  • Crazy busy work week.  Can’t wait for it to be over
  • Coworkers being bitchy.  Let’s all just play nice.
  • My mom having an explosive meltdown on Saturday night where she just screamed her head off.
  • Remember when winter was winter?  It’s not winter here anymore

Things that make me love…

  • Halfway on Friday – wahoo!
  • Trip to Chicago in May for a friend’s wedding
  • Almost being lunch time (it’s the little things)
  • Finally having a good night’s rest (thanks to muscle relaxers)
  • Damn It Doodie being incredibly cute by just existing
  • Sweet cards from good friends


Wine and Love, Week 16

It’s Thursday and you know what that means. It’s time for Wine and Love with Nora. I haven’t played along since the end of September, so it’s about time that I got back into the swing of things.

Things that make me hit the bottle a little hard…

– Day 5 without power.  Are you jealous?

– My boss being a beast.  But that’s just the way she is.

– There’s a problem with the AC in my office – meaning that it’s always on full blast when the heat should actual be on

– My ongoing quest to find a new pair of black flats.  Who knew it could be so hard?

Things that make me love harder…

– Even though we don’t have power, everyone is safe and nothing was hurt during the storm.  I’m very thankful for that.

– Even though my boss is a terror, I have a job

– Fall weather

– This song all the time every day

– Getting back to working out and having sore muscles because of it

– Belated Halloween party this weekend, which  means that i get to dress up and go to some place with power.

Wine and Love, Week 15

First of all, happy birthday Nora!  Hope it’s fabulous.  Also, thanks for hosting Wine and Love every week.

Things that make me want to drink Grey Goose straight...

– Time moving so super fast that I don’t know where it goes

– My inability to stop eating today.  Like, what is that about?

– Not getting a single workout in this week, due to my incredibly busy schedule

– Waiting for returns I’ve made credit my card.  Why does that take so long?

Things that are romantic…


– My dad’s cancer not spreading.  Being able to find a doctor that will treat him with radiation.  Having hope again for the future

– Getting paid tomorrow…yee haw!


– My business trip to Dallas in October.  The manager that I will be working with down there told me that with my beer drinkin’, red meat eatin’ ways, I will be sure to find myself a cowboy.  Here’s hoping

– Being single.  I don’t have time for anyone else in my life.  And it’s really nice not to have to worry about it.

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